Wild Game Snacks

Buffalo Bob Jerky-Meat Stick Image

With 10 different flavors of jerky and 10 different flavors of meat sticks we have something for everyone! Our products are made from premium quality, farm raised, USDA approved choice meats. Each piece is individually wrapped and shelf-stable.

Do you like it spicy? Then you’ll love Alligator Cajun, Buffalo Chipotle & Garlic or  Venison Fire, just to name a few.

Perhaps a little more on the wild side? Take a bite out of Wild Boar BBQ, Antelope, Elk Pepper, Kangaroo and Ostrich.

Need something mellow and flavorful? You’ll love our Venison Teriyaki, Duck Maple and Beef Pemmican flavors.

No matter what you like – our prices make it easy to sample all 20 flavors. Our products also make a great gift – and we can ship it for you anywhere in the US.

Jerky Sticks

Meat Sticks

Alligator BBQ
Alligator Cajun
Beef Pemmican
Buffalo Smoked
Buffalo Chipotle & Garlic
Elk Hickory Smoked
Ostrich Hickory Smoked
Venison Peppered
Wild Boar BBQ
Alligator Cajun
Alligator Mild
Buffalo Spicy Peppered
Duck Maple
Elk Peppered
Smoked Beef
Venison Fire
Venison Teriyaki